Megan Fox shocks with major change: 'Kardashian' clone

Megan Fox has shocked fans by revealing a stunning new hairstyle.

The Transformers actress debuted her new style at the premiere of her film

Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly's document Machine Gun Kelly's Life In Pink.

It seems that the actress has changed her signature long brown locks

in favor of an enthralling platinum blonde hairstyle that has pink hue

People were stunned at the transformation and many claimed the actress was trying to appear like Kim Kardashian.

"You and Kim K really starting to look alike," one wrote after someone claimed that they believed Kim K was the reality TV star.

"Brunette is definitely your colour girl!! Go back and be you! Not Kim Kardashian!" Another fan has added.

Some fans suggested that the actress could have just been sporting hair, but didn't make