Megan Fox Show her Abs in Green Jacquemus Crop Top and Pants

Megan Fox was out and about in summer neons and bare-chested ensembles yesterday.

She was casually walking in a Jacquemus limegreen crop top and matching pants set as one would.

The actress styled her dark hair down and straightened and paired it with a lighter-colored bag.

Fox's appearance is weeks after she spoke with Glamour UK about her relationship to Machine Gun Kelly.

She also discussed how she feels she "manifested him" into her life.

She began, "He says that." He said that even though he tried to quit the movie the day before.

His best friend Rook, his drummer and Ashleigh, his manager were both saying

'But Megan Fox' and he replied, Fuck it! She continued, "I'll board the plane." "I knew that I had to do it for a reason.

Then, when I got to the table to read it, one of the characters hadn't been cast.