Megan Thee Stallion's "Enter Thee Hottieverse' is a satisfying But Limited Experience Review

As discussions about the connection with VR and music grow,

Megan Thee Stallion invited her fans to join"The "Hottieverse" for a piece of the action as part of a concert that was special.

With Quest 2 headsets, fans who attended "Megan Thee Stallion: Enter Thee Hottieverse" were in a position to listen to the same songs

through the sound system of the theater and also dance while Megan is dancing around the same distance infront of you in a customized virtual setting.

In a time when artists are seeking out different ways to interact with their fans,

Megan's virtual experience is a glimpse of what might happen in the next phase of engagement with fans.

"Enter Thee Hottieverse" was 10 cities VR music tour which ran from April through the end of July this year.

powered by AmazeVR The experience melded Megan's charisma and stage presence, while incorporating interactive technology.

As soon as the theater opened the fans (a.k.a. "Hotties") were greeted and directed to their seats at the time that Megan music videos were played in the theater's main screens.