Got troubles? Then maybe watching police cars and helicopters chase a runaway ambulance for 136 minutes is just the ticket to the ride you're looking for at the movies. 

"Ambulance" is in theaters to fulfill your need for speed, but did it have to be this loud, long and ludicrous? 

Director Michael Bay floors the adrenaline pedal as a manic 

Miscast Jake Gyllenhaal zooms in for his closeup as a smiling bad guy with a psychotic streak 

who hijacks an ambulance to make his escape after botching a Los Angeles bank robbery.  

At the start of his career, Bay could orchestrate a decent comedy caper such as 1995's "Bad Boys" starring Martin Lawrence and a pre-slap Will Smith 

But Bay's weakness for too-muchness kicked in hard with the "Transformers" franchise and hasn't quit since. 

Gyllenhaal plays Danny Sharp, a career criminal about to hit a snag. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ("Candyman") costars as Will 

Danny's adoptive Black brother and an Afghan war hero with no job. Danny needs $231,000 for cancer surgery for his wife 

Danny makes Will an offer he can't refuse: A bank heist gig with a $32-million payday. 

In a shameless bid for sympathy, Will also has a baby son to support 

No wonder he signs on with Danny and his crew. If he didn't there would be no movie. 

"Ambulance" takes place in a single day that whooshes by without for a second bothering to be compelling or credible. 

Bay acquired an army of drones to shoot the action from every angle 

He pulls out all the stops with diminishing returns