Michelle Yeoh addresses the winner of 1983 Miss Malaysia Pageant

Michelle Yeoh has been making movies for decades in Hollywood, including 1987's Easy Money and 1997's Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. 

She is also the director of 2018's Crazy Rich Asians.

Before she made it to the big screen, she was a beauty contestant. She discusses this in the September issue Town & Country magazine.

"I'm a little bit competitive by nature," the School For Good And Evil star said about her win at the 1983 Miss Malaysia pageant. 

She joked that the judges were blind.

Yeoh's mother was the one who entered her into the contest.

Yeoh answers the question, "It's me, I created her, I gave her this," and she says, "All the time!" 

She tells me that it's her fault, she created her and gave her this, and I respond, "Yes, Mom!"

Miss World was her second pageant, and she walked the stage in a traditional green and gold costume.