Mike Tyson appears frail as the legendary heavyweight requires a wheelchair at the airport

Mike Tyson needed to use wheelchairs at the airport because the former world champion in heavyweight wrestling struggled with an injury to his back.

The legendary boxer Tyson was an incredibly well-known career path in the sport of boxing. 

He was the undisputed champion. 

The former heavyweight retired in 2005 following a loss against Kevin McBride

but has returned to the ring in an exhibition format, ringside together with Roy Jones Jr in 2020.

Tyson is now in his 60s and is beginning to show signs of age, despite posting recent videos of him looking fit. 

He recently needed aid with his walking sticks while traveling in New York and has now been seen sitting in a wheelchair in Miami.

The legendary boxer has reportedly suffered back pain and is experiencing inflammation of the sciatica 

that has forced him to use a wheelchair in order to relieve away the strain from the injury.