Mike Tyson: I beat up Don King because I loved Him

Mike Tyson has revealed that the boxer beat and kicked his manager Don King back in the day due to his love for him.

The legendary boxer King as well as Tyson have a troubled relationship that was stained due to the promoter's position on financial transactions.

Tyson has accused King that he had deceived him million of dollars throughout their relationship.

Tyson brought a 100 million-dollar lawsuit against King in 1998. He raked in 14 million dollars at closing.

"We're driving and next thing I know I freaked out and I kicked the guy," Tyson shared his memories during his Hotboxin' Podcast back in 2020.

"As soon as I kick King on the side of his head, he throws on the brakes. When we stop, I'm beating him inside the car.

"I'm trying to convince the girl sitting in the front to restrain him so that the boy can't run because I wasn't able to hit him in the way I would like to.

"As soon as I let him go he got out of the car. I tried to run across and he did a little back turn and got back in the front, drove off and left me on the highway."

Tyson added that he smashed King's bodyguards because he was in a state of anger towards the promoter.