Millie Bobby Brown Convinced Her Fans That She Is A Massive Diva

Millie Bobby Brown started acting professionally at the age of nine. She made her breakthrough in Stranger Things at just 12.

She has won SAG Awards, been nominated for Emmys, and starred in movies and TV shows. She is now one of the most famous stars in the world.

Millie isn't the only one who has it all, despite her fame and success.

Many believe she is a huge diva. Brown's rude behavior is evident in many videos.

Millie called the Stranger Things creators "sensitive Sallies" for keeping many characters alive.

The Stranger Things creators responded by defending themselves.

Millie and Noah Schnapp, her co-star on Stranger Things, complained to The Wrap about how red carpets are becoming more difficult to manage with so many people.

Millie stated, "Last Night, we couldn’t even take one group photo because there were like fifty of us." I was like, "You need to start killing off people."

Fans had mixed reactions to her comments. These are the reasons Millie Bobby Brown unintentionally convinced her fans that she is a huge diva.