Milly Alcock looks back on "House of Dragon" following the final episode's airing

If House of the Dragon includes flashbacks to the past, they could decide to do so, 

given Milly Alcock's cult status within the fandom and the fact that yesterday is the only time in the series that we watched her in the role of Rhaenyra Targaryen in the HBO prequel show.

Alcock herself has been reflecting on her time and shared the experience of having to join the world's most loved franchise.

In an interview to Complex, Alcock called her casting a life-changing experience that transcended all aspects that she has lived in throughout her life.

"It was life-changing in every way. I'm convinced that I've grown as an actor as well as an individual. I have changed physically.

I moved around the globe to live in London. This has opened the door to a possible career path for me.

It was a complete and overwhelming experience extremely challenging and infinitely rewarding in all aspects. It was, however, an intense battle.

"As as to whether Milly will come back to Westeros someday she isn't sure "what the future is going to bring." 

Milly did mention that she's excited to do something completely different, perhaps an independent film.