Naomi Judd was 'dogged by unfair enemy' prior to her death

The musician died by suicide in her residence in the month of April following the autopsy report that was released earlier this week 

the family has opened up more about her mental health problems.

The family stated in an announcement: "We have always shared with openness both the joys of being a family and its sorrows. 

The most significant thing about our family's story is that our mother was afflicted by an unjust enemy. 

The treatment she received was PTSD, as well as bipolar disorder, and millions of Americans, are able to be a part of it."

According to the report of the medical examiner that there were prescription medications within Judd's medical system

that can be used for treating post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) or bipolar disorder.

The report further stated: "Per family, the deceased has previously been plagued by suicidal ideas and also had recent stressors. 

A note and a gun with suicidal connotations were discovered close to the victim on the site."