Naomie Harris Was Glad She Didn't Get Cast as Bond Girl, Because She 'Never traded on Sexuality.

Naomie Harris has been an integral part of the James Bond franchise since "Skyfall" was released in 2012.

She plays the role of Eve Moneypenny and is an integral part of the British Secret Service apparatus supporting James Bond's adventures.

Harris spoke with The Independent recently about her unique journey to the franchise.

Harris stated that she believed she was being considered for Bond Girl when she auditioned to "Skyfall" her first time.

She was confused when she realized that this role was not a good match for her sensibilities as an actor.

The British actress was delighted to learn that she was auditioning for Moneypenny.

Harris stated that Harris felt like she doesn't have the assets normally associated with Bond girls.

Harris also said that he has never traded on sexuality. It's a powerful tool. It's a powerful tool that you can use to make your life easier.

However, it's not something I have used. How is this going to work? Traditional Bond girls were all about the allure and sexuality. I wasn't one of them.