Natalia Dyer reveals she & her co-stars share 'RoNance' memes

Stranger Things fan club is huge and has a variety of plots and theories that fans have developed throughout the time. 

The most intense love triangles from this show was seen between the characters Nancy, Steve and Jonathan It appears that the cast members have been writing a new love story entirely.

In a recent interview for the fandom website of Netflix, Tudum, Dyer was discussed her love life story. 

She also revealed that fans have different theories about Nancy Wheeler. When asked about this she revealed, 

"There's a lot of things going on, and I don't know if that sort of high school romance thing is as important as everything else." 

She also revealed that fans aren't just admiring her for the characters that are Steve as well as Jonathan but also Maya's Robin.

Speaking about this Dyer said "But, yeah, I think there are things about both Steve and Jonathan that Nancy really likes. 

I noticed that there's a lot of RoNance shipping as well. I love Nancy having a girlfriend. It's nice." 

In light of Robin and Nancy's relationship being described by the name "RoNance", Dyer further said what her cast members consider about the.