NBA World Reacts To Shaquille O'Neal's Cheating Admission

Many analysts have defended the embattled Celtics coach after the scandal with Ime Udoka, the Boston Celtics head coach. 

Shaquille O’Neal is one of them. He had a fascinating take on his former Lakers coach. 

O'Neal stated that he doesn't feel in a position to criticize Udoka as he was "a serial cheater" all his life.

It would be insane and blasphemous of me to get up and shout, "Boom, boom and bam," Shaq stated.

Many NBA fans were shocked that Shaq would confess to such a thing just to prove a point. 

A few NBA fans were happy to rub that revelation in Shaq’s face, as it was a well-known point of contention during his feud against the late-great Kobe Bryant.

If he wishes, Shaq may still comment on the circumstances of Ime Udoka. 

His "experience" with Udoka's conduct might allow him to better understand the situation and give him a better idea of what type of conduct the Celtics coach might be guilty of.

However, it is reported that this situation is more complicated than a relationship between Shaq and a member his organization. 

What do you think of Shaq's "cheating admission?" Shaq should he be disqualified from speaking about the ImeUdoka scandal