Nearly 300k people sign the petition to free Brittney Griner on

The platform brings together thousands of people who want justice for the player.

The Brittney Griner investigation is heating up. People have rallied around Brittney Griner since she was detained at an airport in Russia last February for carrying hashish oil cartridges.

Her trial began Friday, July 1 after she spent more than four months in detention.

She could be facing up to 10 years imprisonment if she doesn't return to the United States.

After four months, they have nearly reached 300,000 signatures on, 

before the petition from friends and family to release Griner and ask President Biden for Griner's safe return.

Tamryn Spriggill, a sports journalist who has been concerned about Brittney Griner's situation for years, started the campaign on March 5. 

Brittney Griner's health is being renewed by the trial, which took place in another country with a different legal system than most of us are familiar with. reports it will be one the most signed and petitioned petitions in history, with almost 300,000.