Netflix Not Renewing Sandman Season 2 Because Fans Watched It Wrong?

The fans have been waiting for confirmation that Netflix is making progress on The Sandman Season 2, 

however, the issue is Neil Gaiman's statement to viewers that the show was not watched correctly has caused the streaming service to put a halt on launching another season.

Apparently from the information collected Neil Gaiman stated that the fans watched the show way too quickly, which affected the number of hours watched by viewers on Netflix.

In the normal course of things, when a show is extremely popular, it's assessed over a period of 28 days 

which time the numbers are tallied in terms of hours watched by viewers.

But those numbers were affected by the fact that people were taking their time to watch the show, Sandman.

We aren't judging anyone for wanting to go slow when watching The Sandman, as there was a myriad of themes to be explored in an episode-by-episode manner.

Additionally, for people who had never had read the comics or analyzed the events, 

we can believe that those watching the show could be lost and wanted to take a break and talk about what they had seen.