Netflix's Resident Evil is being destroyed by Rotten Tomatoes viewers

Although it received moderately positive reviews, Netflix's Resident Evil series has not been as popular with general viewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

It might even be an exaggeration to say that viewers don't like this show.

It might be the least-reviewed Netflix show in quite a while, judging by the initial reactions to Resident Evil's new TV live-action adaptation.

Resident Evil is currently only on Netflix for three days. The show is still being panned by Rotten Tomatoes audiences despite this.

The show currently has a terrible 22% aggregate score. This puts it in a rare percentile.

The show received 53% ratings from critics. It's rare that audience scores are significantly lower than those of critics.

What's the cause of this low score? Resident Evil may be being review-bombed by those who don't like the series' direction.

The Netflix adaptation took a different route than the original story in the video game, which may have disappointed long-time fans.

However, Resident Evil's current ratings are not very good.