New Godzilla Film Drops a Kaiju-tastic Trailer 

In a teaser trailer for a Godzilla fan film, the most powerful kaiju of them all confronts a new version of his antagonist Gigan. 

Godzilla vs Gigan Rex will debut at Godzilla Fest 2022 in Tokyo.  

This celebration of the King of the Monsters is scheduled for Nov. 3.  

The teaser features a striking Godzilla design, which appears to be a mix of the one in 2016's Shin Godzilla

the Legendary Pictures Movies Monsterverse, as well Gigan Rex, a longer sequel to G vs. G. 

This fan film ran about a minute and received acclaim from both Japanese as international kaiju enthusiasts.  

The short, which featured Godzilla fighting Gigan, was directed by TakuyaUenishi and submitted to GEMSTONE's contest.