Nicki Minaj and Kanye West Beef Continues, Ye Unfollows on Instagram

The rift of Nicki Minaj and Kanye West is growing wider because Kanye West, 

the Jesus Is King artist has been reported to have unfollowed Kanye West on Instagram.

To give context, it all started on the 4th July holiday weekend. 

Nicki did not want to perform her own verse to "Monster," a collab song 

she performed together with Kanye in 2010 when she performed at the EssenceFest this year. 

According to HipHopDX After telling her DJ that she wanted to cut off the track, she said: "I'm monstered out, I'm freaked out. We don't play with clowns."

The reason "Anaconda" artist would throw shots at Ye is yet to be determined, however, some are suggesting that it could have to do with two factors.

The first is an anger she might hold with Yeezy over not dropping their song "New Body" and instead dropping Jesus Is King in the year 2019.

Another reason could be linked to this fact, and further exacerbated by Ye recently joining Cardi B.'s newly dropped single "Hot Shit."