Noah Schnapp Reveals He's Been Working Part-Time as a Lifeguard

Is Noah Schnapp stepping away from Hollywood? 

He's a "Stranger Things" star who just completed his high school graduation and has recently announced that he's already gotten some side hustles

while waiting for filming to begin in the last season of this Netflix phenomenon.

He's also accepted to his preferred University of Pennsylvania, where it was revealed that he's planning to pursue a degree in business, which isn't acting. 

What does this mean? Will he give up the lucrative profession that's made him a cult figure?

This isn't a huge surprise for Schnapp who said that his acting career was "a hobby" as recently as July in Variety. 

"It's fun to explore different things. I'd love to direct and produce and write and be an entrepreneur and do all these different things."

He also explained that acquiring all these other aspects can help him enhance and develop his skills acting. 

"at the end of the day, you are portraying all these different characters and you have to understand where it comes from," He explained.