Novak Djokovic wishes legends to attend his tennis farewell

Last weekend, the Swiss legend played the final match in his glittering career at Laver Cup.

Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, and Djokovic were all there to witness his final match. Djokovic hopes that the sport will end in the same way.

Reporters were told by the Serb that it was a touching and very emotional moment.

It also brought me to tears seeing his children and his extended family. It was also a moment when I thought about what it would be like for me to say goodbye to tennis.

"It is certain that there is one thing I will want, aside from my family, but I would also love to have my closest rivals and competitions.

Because it added something extra, added more significance to that moment.

Djokovic said that Nadal is his greatest rival, as they are competing to win the most Grand Slams for male players.

The 21-time major champion, who trails Nadal by just one Slam, said that "We played the greatest matches against each other in all of the history of tennis."

"The rivalry between us is special and continues to grow. We hope to have the opportunity to play again.