Pablo Escobar was gunned down 29 years ago 

On the 2nd of December 1993 Pablo Escobar, perhaps the most powerful drug kingpin that ever to be seen tried 

to escape an underground hideout at the city located in Medellin, Colombia, by running across a nearby rooftop. 

Instead Escobar was cut down by gunfire and the resultant image is etched into public's consciousness 

the bloody body that of the world's richest drug dealer sprawled on a roof made of tiles in Medellin, which was once his most secure redoubt. 

The other people in that photo, a group of Colombian soldiers 

have for a long time been believed to be the ones responsible for delivering Escobar his justice that he been able to avoided.

But the accounts of the gang and other traffickers who were rivals as well as intelligence documents