Paris Jackson Says Michael Jackson Knew She Was Gay From A Very Young Age

Paris Jackson granted the public access to her private life according to her own terms some time ago. 

The daughter of 24-year-old famous singer and king of Pop, Michael Jackson, has created a Facebook Watch series.

"Unfiltered": Paris Jackson as well as Gabriel Glenn It's a reality show that offers viewers a peek into Paris and her friend/bandmate, Gabriel.

The show debuted a few years ago and viewers were immediately enthralled by Paris and her boho-hipp style of living.

They also appreciate her honesty and candor. herself. In the first episode of the show, Paris opened up about her sexuality.

Paris is gay, but her explanation is in line with the conventional Pansexuality definition. Paris is in love with all people, no matter what gender. 

She believes that this is something her father was aware of when she was young.

As Paris recalls her dad talking to her about a girl crush you can see something that is truly sweet. 

The memories she has of her dad are her own. There has been plenty of things to say about him prior to and following his death.