Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow's Rum Obsession Secretly Hides an interesting true story

Jack Sparrow's obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean rum is not what you think.

This makes Sparrow's character even more interesting.

The lovable pirate Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean's beloved rogue, is well-known for his obsession with Rum.

But the truth behind this story is quite interesting. Jack Sparrow's (Johnny Depp's) obsession with rum has become a joke in the movie franchise.

It is not only a stereotype of pirates but also a survival tactic. Jack Sparrow is a survivor, having survived multiple deaths and being resurrected from the dead on numerous occasions.

Jack Sparrow's (Johnny Depp) love of rum is not only a pirate stereotype but also a survival tactic.

They discovered that beer would quickly go bad and that rum was the best alcohol to last.

Rum became a common drink on naval ships as sailors used to mix water with lime juice to prevent scurvy.

Pirates of the Caribbean also use rum to build comradery among the Black Pearl crew members as they tell stories about their experiences at sea.