Prominent Brett Favre Sponsor Announces Its Decision

As some brands begin to distance themselves from Brett Favre amid his involvement 

in Mississippi's welfare scandal, one announced its decision to stand by the former quarterback.

According to A.J. Perez from Front Office Sports, the footwear manufacturer Copper Fit will not cut relations with Favre despite

the fact that the former player received and spent the sum of $6 million that was intended for Mississippi's most vulnerable 

to construct an all-new volleyball court located at the University of Southern Mississippi, where his daughter was a participant in on the sport.

Copper Fit has been working with Brett Favre over the course of nearly 9 years." it said in a statement.

"He always has been a gentleman and we consider him to be an honest person. According to our information, the man had been cleared of all wrongdoing two years back."

This claim might not be in line with reality.

Perez informed that the former Mississippi's welfare department, John Davis, entered a plea deal with the prosecutor.