Rafael Nadal defies pain and his father's pleas for him to quit in an epic victory against Taylor Fritz

Taylor Fritz, 6ft 5in tall American confidence, did his best to take down the shattered legend here on Wednesday.

However, the 36-year-old Rafael Nadal would not stay down despite suggestions from his concerned father - and won five sets that were erratic to make it to an 8th Wimbledon semi-final.

Nadal is one win against Nick Kyrgios away from the final, possibly for the 60th match with

Novak Djokovic - and the possibility of winning his third Grand Slam title every time. What an amazing year he's had.

Fritz nearly had him in the fourth game but he was unable to finish it and Nadal forced him to pay for it with

a win of 7-5, 3-6 7, 3-6 7, 6 (4) in just 4 hours 20 minutes the fourth-longest tennis match at the world championships.

"I enjoy a lot playing these kind of matches," Nadal declared. "It was a difficult afternoon against a top player.

Nadal did a great job of it , holding for 4-3 before stepping off the court to focus on either the abdominal injury that he is hesitant to speak about  chronically sore left foot or both.

Sebastian, his father Sebastian was yelling from the box of the player to stop. Nadal did not listen to his father's motions.