Resident Evil’s Boldest Move Will Never Happen 

Resident Evil is a survival-horror series with a variety of techniques and traps that you can revisit however 

as it's evolved it's gotten further away from returning to its former glory that could be the game's most risky move. 

Resident Evil certainly isn't a risk-averse series, starting since the beginning of the series until 

the shift to an over-the-shoulder action-focus with Resident Evil 4 and the shift to first-person to first-person in Resident Evil 7.

Many of these risky decisions have helped propel the series to unprecedented scales

led to it becoming the Capcom powerful force it is today, however there's one move that Capcom isn't likely to do - returning the series' fixed cameras. 

The series began with the first Resident Evil, an all-time classic that had players trapped in dark, cramped rooms