Richard Sherman Not Happy With Being Called Out For Thursday Night Football Comment

In the last game of the night of the Dolphins as well as the Bengals,

Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk made a call to the former All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman. 

Sherman makes up the team to record Amazon Prime Video's Thursday Night Football coverage.

He spoke about his thoughts on Tua Tagovailoa's terrifying injury at halftime.

Evidently, Smith was not happy about the way Sherman responded to the situation.

"As an active player, Richard Sherman was one of the most vocal critics of Thursday Night Football, arguing that it was dangerous for players to play with so little time off between games," He tweeted.

"Now he cashes a paycheck on Thursday Night Football and ignores the issue after Tua's injury."

In the afternoon of Friday, Sherman fired back at Smith. It's clear that he's unhappy about his new ProFootballTalk editor.