Roger Federer had one tactic that nobody else could duplicate according to his coach.

Roger Federer's head coach has revealed the "most remarkable" aspect of the former world number one's game following the conclusion of their professional career he had. 

Ivan Ljubicic joined Federer's team in 2019, but he played the player 16 times 

when being a professional and acknowledged that the 41-year-old was the only one that could play a different game every encounter with them. 

Federer's 24-year professional career came to an end over the weekend, when he announced his retirement in the Laver Cup. 

The tournament was co-created by Federer and co-creator of the tournament, 

the Swiss master was joined by his long-time friend and rival Rafael Nadal for one last game in the doubles and hit his final ball just after midnight on Saturday.

The champion of 103 titles had failed to make a comeback after sustaining a knee injury 

which saw the end of his season in 2020 following playing in the Australian Open to undergo two operations before undergoing 

one more after having played five tournaments during an unremarkable comeback in 2021.