Ronda Rousey Reveals Move That WWE Has Retired

WWE has been able to ban certain words and phrases under the former Vince McMahon regime,

with certain phrases including blood, hospital, wrestler and blood, wrestling, pay-per-view, and wrestle.

Although some terms and phrases are banned or prohibited, certain actions are not allowed in the squared circle of the organization.

The moment someone suggested Rousey's The Baddest Stream on Youtube 

that she should smack Liv Morgan with a Tombstone Piledriver on Extreme Rules, the Baddest Woman on the Planet made an interesting fact about the Undertaker's finishing move. 

"It's such a dangerous move, nobody else is allowed to do it," Rousey declared. "It's basically a retired move." This move is a classic.

Tombstone Piledriver is a move that was used by a variety of WWE superstars over time, but it's a move most often employed by Undertaker and sometimes Kane too.

It is a variant of the Piledriver which is where you lie on the floor with the opponent's head facing straight into the mat.

The Piledriver is a style of wrestling that is not part of WWE and serves as a finisher for wrestlers like Minoru Suzuki as well as Deonna Purrazzo was banned by WWE for a number of years.