Rosamund Pike is being in the news for her detailed thoughts about the Queen's funeral

The demise of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked debates across the globe about whether the size of the funeral ceremony is justifiable.

One of the latest participants to the dismay of many is British model Rosamund Pike

who has taken on her Instagram profile to post an Instagram video in which she sings the praises of the monarchy for five minutes?

Dressed according to her style, in an all-black outfit In the video

Pike speaks about the time she took her kids off school so that she could force them to follow the live stream of the funeral

and proceeds to break down the emotional impact of the two sons their favorite elements of the funeral and praise the queen.

In spite of Pike's powerful speech, however, the world isn't very impressed by the content, in which she boasts of how proud she feels of her culture and heritage.

The internet is examining her views because of Britain's past of colonialism and imperialism which served as pillars for the wealth of its royal family.

In true Twitter style, Pike quickly became the most recent addition to the monarchy-related, colorful and edgy commentary that has become the norm following the death of Queen Elizabeth.