The fans love Rose McGowan because of her iconic parts as a character in Scream and Charmed 

however, the majority of people know her because she is one of the main voices from the #MeToo movement. 

She was one of the first to speak up in opposition to Harvey Weinstein and has been open about her bad experiences in Hollywood since then. 

So who is Rose McGowan? What is it that makes her unique and unapologetically her own? Here are the most revealing facts about Rose McGowan.

Rose Arianna McGowan was born in Italy in 1973 to Daniel and Terri McGowan. 

Unfortunately, nobody could describe her childhood as extravagant or glamorous in any way. 

Her dad was involved with some very disturbing matters. 

Daniel was the head of an Italian Chapter in the "Children of God" cult and spent the majority of her youth in the communes of the group. 

There are some really painful memories from those times.