Russell Crowe's Greatest Movie is Now Available on Netflix

Are you still not entertained? Gladiator, Russell Crowe's latest movie, has just been released on Netflix. 

It's easily one of the best Australian actors have ever made. This movie is a great choice if you are looking for historical epics for all ages. 

Maximus becomes a gladiator and slave, and he seeks revenge on his family. 

The sights and sounds of this fascinating period of history are a delight for the eyes. J

oaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe also give their best performances. Crowe plays a grounded character against Phoenix's sleazy antagonist with his gruff charm. 

Ridley Scott made another great movie. Hanz Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard and Lisa Gerrard composed a memorable score for the movie

Gladiator's success is quite surprising considering that the script had to go through numerous rewrites during filming. 

Many actors complained about the script and suggested that extensive changes be made to Russell Crowe's. 

The film was a blockbuster in 2000s thanks to the many changes and rewrites.