Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Suit Redesign, Said To Be His Latest MCU Look

Marvel Cinematic Universe is not afraid of costume changes.

From Captain America and Iron Man changing their looks in almost every film to Bruce Banner becoming Smart Hulk the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen many costume modifications. 

A new rumor claims that Deadpool will be entering the MCU with a completely different character design after he has worn the same costume in two films.

Moth Culture's Twitter account claims that the character design for Deadpool has been leaked. 

It shows a new look for Ryan Reynold’s debut in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ryan Reynolds was one of the main drivers behind the success of Deadpool, the comic book satire. T

The first film was an origin story that aimed to correct the huge failure of the character in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine spinoff.

However, the second film explored some of the character’s deeper history while maintaining the character design. 

The Deadpool redesign would feature the red suit with a black cover for the torso and upper arms. The post is not true.