Saints punter Blake Gillikin drug tested after booming 81-yard punt

Saints punter Blake Gillikin made an impressive 81-yard kick on Saturday in the match against the Packers in the second preseason game. 

The NFL obviously wants to find out if Gillikin received any help with the punt.

Gillikin tweeted on Sunday morning to announce that he was randomly chosen to take a preseason drug test on Sunday. 

The test had to be completed prior to New Orleans' team morning meeting. 

The time of his tweet gave him just three hours to pass the test.

It's not often that punters are able to catch the eye of people who test for drugs in the NFL 

however, the blunder of a punt that was made on Saturday could be enough to accomplish exactly that. 

The Saints were forced to back up on their 19-yard boundary on fourth-and-2 at the end of the third quarter. 

Then, Gillikin was called to switch the field.