Samuel L. Jackson Closely Loses His Role in Pulp Fiction

It is impossible to think of Pulp Fiction and not recall Samuel L. Jackson's iconic role.

Jackson's acting career wouldn't be as famous if it wasn't for Pulp Fiction.

Because Winnfield is Samuel L. Jackson, audiences may not be able to see him being played by another actor.

Tarantino was looking for another actor at that time. After Tarantino had finished writing Pulp Fiction's script, he imagined Laurence Fishburne as Jules Winnfield.

Fishburne declined the role after being offered it. He was unhappy with the film's treatment of heroin.

Fishburne said that he felt the film was too cavalier and that it was too loose in an interview. It made heroin use more attractive to me.

It's more than my character. It's "What does the whole thing say?" It's 'What is the whole thing saying?'" Tarantino assumed this would happen and had considered Paul Calderon.

Jackson flew to Los Angeles to audition. Calderon was scheduled to read the role in a casting session, which would be followed by Jackson.

Calderon was frustrated by the delays and became angry when Tarantino wasn't there.