Sarah Michelle Gellar claims she's had her fair share of Hollywood experiences as a young woman.

Sarah Michelle Gellar said that being a young female in the entertainment industry was "not easy" but that "victim blaming and shaming," keeps her from speaking out about her experiences.

Sarah is currently in production and executive producing Teen Wolf's spin-off Wolf Pack for Paramount+. 

According to the New York Times, she feels that she is now in her "adult profession" and it is vastly different from where she started.

She also shares some of the experiences she had along the way.

Gellar, who was 18 when she won the Daytime Emmy for All My Children, answered that she didn't have any good experiences in her teen years.

It was very difficult. It was difficult because there weren't many great female roles back then. It was the role of the girlfriend, not the wife.

Buffy was so amazing because she had something to do. Then we had I Know What You Did where it was the women who were figuring out things.

It was a completely new series. "That was only one part. She also spoke out about inappropriate behavior behind-the scenes. However, she didn't go into detail.