Satya Nadella Net Worth, Salary, Profession, Income, Shares, House, Microsoft CEO 2022

Who is Satya Nadella?

Saty Nadella is an Indian-born American business executive. He is the executive chairman and CEO of Microsoft, born 19 August 1967. 


Business Executive Engineer Computer Scientist Business Person

Income/ Salary

Satya Nadella earns around $40 to $45 million per year in salary from his job of CEO of Microsoft and shares and Investments.

Income Source 

Satya Nadella income comes from his job Microsoft CEO, shares and Investments.


According to an SEC filings , Satya Nadella owned more than 830,000 shares, which are worth around $280 million. 

Net Worth

As of 2022, Satya Nadella's net worth is estimated to be $420 million.

Real Estate/ House

In 2016 , Satya Nadella sell his house in Washington for $2.8 million.