Second 'black box' found in China Eastern plane crash; all onboard confirmed dead

The second "black box" has been recovered from the crash of a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 that killed all 132 people on board  

Firefighters taking part in the search found the recorder, an orange cylinder, on a mountain slope about five feet underground 

Experts confirmed it was the second black box

The impact of the crash scattered debris widely and created a 20-meter- (65-foot-) deep pit in the side of the mountain. 

Searchers had been looking for the flight data recorder after finding the cockpit voice recorder four days ago 

The two recorders should help investigators determine what caused the plane to plummet from 29,000 feet and into a forested mountainside 

The search for the black boxes and wreckage from the plane has been complicated by the remote setting and rainy and muddy conditions 

A video posted by CGTN, the international arm of CCTV, showed an official holding the orange can-like object on site 

with the words “RECORDER” and “DO NOT OPEN” written on it