Secret Headquarters turns Owen Wilson into Iron Man

You don't have to doubt the power and reach of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The MCU was a catalyst for every studio to create its own multi-platform, multimedia "cinematic universe" series.

It also influenced the style, tone, and look of many of the subsequent superhero movies and TV shows.

Take a look at Secret Headquarters, Paramount’s upcoming hero film that stars Owen Wilson as a tech-based superhero.

The trailer claims that his character was given the ability to act as Earth's Guardian by an alien intelligence ,Green Lantern-style.

The iconography is MCU Iron Man-style, with the glowing blue object at the

chest of his super-suit and the glowing HUD surrounding him when he flies in his suit, however.

Even the inclusion of Michael Pena (a comic relief, and maybe a bad guy if that short glimpse of a face off is a red herring), is an MCU move.

Secret Headquarters doesn't feel like an MCU movie, either in terms of its intended audience and central story.