See Alexandra Daddario In A White Swimsuit

Alexandra Daddario has long been an all-time favorite here. 

After advancing from "child star" status to stardom she has managed to be several different things. Percy Jackson alumnus. 

Regular Dwayne Johnson collaborator. New Girl recurring character. Fashion icon.

It is in this capacity that we're discussing her now, assisted by her extremely popular and active online presence.

This photo comes from The official account on Instagram for Alexandra Daddario. 

The Baywatch actress is sitting in a recliner that is wide in what appears as the house she shared photos from one month ago. 

She's opted out for a sleep.

The second image taken by Alexandra Daddario shows both her and Eunice looking forward towards the camera, with big smiles, 

which further supports the notion that laying down alongside your pet in the stunning blue pool is quite lovely.