See Brad Pitt rock in a skirt on the Red Carpet

Brad Pitt displayed his legs at Tuesday's Bullet Train premiere in Berlin. He opted for a knee-length look on the red carpet.

The actor paired a matching brown skirt and cardigan with a salmon-colored button-up shirt. 

He finished the look by wearing combat boots. 

The eye-catching outfit also included tortoiseshell sunglasses and long chains, which Pitt is known for.

The actor, 58, looks great in a breezy outfit. He joins a growing number of male celebrities who wear skirts or dresses on the red carpet. 

Oscar Isaac, a fellow actor, proudly wore a matching skirt-and-suit ensemble to the premiere of Disney+’s Marvel series, Moon Knight, in March. 

Harry Styles and Gerard Butler, Billy Porter and Jared Leto are just a few of the notable stars who have worn skirts and dresses.

Pitt took photos with Joey King, Zazie Beetz and Zazie Beetz on the red carpet. 

King looked stunning in a sleek, pink bob haircut and a fitted black jumpsuit. 

Beetz looked stunning in a strapless turquoise minidress with two space buns.

Bullet Train, a feature-length thriller, is coming soon. It follows five assassins on a bullet train that speeds up and they "find out their missions are similar," according to the synopsis.