See Brie Larson In Seductive Pink Top

Brie Larson has been an Academy Award-winning actress and is now part of one of the most popular franchises in film in the world today. 

The 32-year-old began the path to acting when she was offered her first role on her first film, the WB show Raising Dad.

In addition she also shows a hint of youthful excitement such as in a recent image of her on Instagram looking gorgeous in a pink top.

The fans of Brie Larson will be aware that she has no problems interacting with people through social media. 

Prior to the release of Captain Marvel, Larson posted an image of her reading the Captain Marvel comic and dressed as the character. 

It was a picture that attracted MCU people and provided them with the confidence that the actress could play the character.

The actress has returned. Larson is back but this time, she's letting people don't take things too seriously. 

Her pinkish-colored top is sweet and cute. Larson rocked her two ponytails as she smiles at the camera. 

The caption reads, "are space buns my new everyday new?"