See Dakota Johnson's fitness routine while filming

Dakota Johnson plays Anne Elliot, a Regency heroine in Jane Austen’s Persuasion (now available on Netflix).

How did Dakota Johnson prepare for this role? Luke Worthington, her personal trainer, helped her reach two important goals during filming.

Worthington told Vogue that she first wanted to get in shape for the movie.

"She also wanted to be able to enjoy the mental benefits of keeping her exercise routine up during hectic filming schedules."

However, we all know how important it is to feel confident and strong within our bodies.

Worthington created a workout schedule that was 80 minutes long, and four times per week at Marylebone's AMP Athletic.

He explained that it "had a strength base". "But Dakota loves to increase her heart rate and feel like she has had a workout so I had to create a structure that would work for her."

Each circuit consisted of a series of mini circuits that she did in each exercise.

Worthington said that the "venous shunt effect" kept her moving and allowed her to do one upper, one lower, and one core workout.