See Emily Elizabeth in a bikini on TURKS & CAICOS BEACH

My real reason for emailing you is to ask if you can post or link the Gauntlet League rules.

It is early and I am sorry. However, I was trying to establish a Gauntlet

League and wanted to be able to do so in plenty of time.

Screencaps is my only hope. I will learn from my mistakes, and make Screencaps even better.

I need to clear my head and give 110%. You might be thinking,

Why didn't I just go back in the post and add a Dale image?" For me, it's like eating a breakfast bar or a mulligan.

I made my bed before I hit "Publish" and it would have been cheating

the people who didn't see the updated post.008 seconds later.

I cannot cheat the people who are HAMMERING refresh their phones to see the Screencaps column.