See Jason Momoa's Response To The 10-Year DC Plan

In the last few months, the conglomerate that is called Warner Bros. 

Discovery has appeared to change everything that fans are drawn to about its long and rich story.

As titles disappeared seemingly in a matter of minutes on its two streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+ 

The company has decided to combine both platforms into one in the coming year.

Based on a news report from The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Momoa is full of thoughts about DC's 10-year plan. 

He said in an interview, he stated that "I believe in DC for making the correct choices and I'm just trying to remain in my own lane." 

This could be a shock to comic book and fandom fans who wish to get as much new content coming from one of their favorite actors. 

But, it's likely to be good news for Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav. Zaslav has been in charge of numerous choices made by Warner Bros. 

Discovery over the last few months. This has seen budgets cut and content taken off.