See Paulina Porizkova Celebrates Aging While Wearing a Hot Pink Bikini

If Paulina Porizkova is enjoying a 'Baywatch moment' taking naked photos for the sake of breaking boundaries or sharing bikini pictures the former supermodel always appears gorgeous. 

It's not difficult to see her body positivity, confidence, and attitude to age that are truly inspirational. 

In the meantime, she's posting another amazing photo on the Instagram grid.

In the latest image, Porizkova shows off incredibly toned legs and abs while wearing an adorable pink string bikini on the beach in Costa Rica.

In the photo the actress is seen sporting the biggest smile as her gray-blond locks cascade across her shoulders.

A few days before the stunning photo, Porzikova shared news with her fans on Instagram that she's planning an entire week for a trip to Hermosa Hills, a.k.a her "happy place." 

The actress is spending time there with her son as well as her best friend and goddaughter, to celebrate their birthdays. 

In the same posting that she's "indefinitely grateful" for the "charmed life" she lives and that she's "a little overwhelmed," and she's taking this trip "to recharge."

The star, known to call out anti-aging culture, regularly features the hashtag, #betweenjloandbettywhite on her photos, including in the recent Costa Rica bikini shot. 

She previously told Yahoo! that she often makes use of the hashtag to mark her aging.