See Taron Egerton's jaw-dropping Wolverine image

Hugh Jackman's legendary portrayal as Wolverine in X-Men movies has been

a constant presence on the silverscreen since 2000, when Fox's X-Men franchise began.

However, Jackman stepped down in 2017's long-awaited and highly-anticipated standalone Logan.

The X-Men are now home to Marvel Studios, thanks to Disney's purchase of Fox a few years ago.

This means that a reboot is likely so that Marvel's Mightiest Mutants

can be present in the juggernaut that's the Marvel Cinematic Universe (perhaps sooner than expected).

Taron Egerton is one actor many fans would love to see take over Jackman's role as Wolverine.

Many have cast Egerton as Logan in fan castings, with him being a Kingsman actor.

Digital artist Mizuriau, who shared some images of him as Logan on Instagram, can definitely visualize Egerton as Wolverine.