See Zendaya In A Skin-Tight Hot Pink Mini-Dress

Zendaya doesn’t post much on social media, but she does post when it happens. 

This is not surprising given her popularity, which has made Zendaya one of the most well-known stars in Hollywood. 

Recent Instagram posts gained significant traction, with the actress in a very unusual outfit posed against a stunning background. 

It would be an understatement to say that pink was the theme of this post. This was Zendaya's pink-themed day.

Zendaya posted the photo on Instagram in collaboration with Pierpaolo Picccioli and Maison Valentino, who are credited for the outfit and theme. 

It is certainly interesting from a color scheme perspective (they chose one color and called it day), but there was a lot of support for the decision. 

The Zendaya Instagram post has more than 6.7million likes, with celebrities and fans expressing their support.