Shania Twain recalls Oprah Winfrey's "sour" argument about religion

Shania Twain admitted to once getting into an argument with Oprah about religion. She was asked by Jessie Ware what her most memorable meal was.

It was great to sit down and have real conversations, you know. It all turned sour when we began to talk about religion.

So I thought, "Oh, let's not talk about religion." Twain continued, "She is very religious." 

I don't consider myself religious, but I am not devoted to any particular 

religion. I am a more spiritual person. I am a more spiritual person. "I would say that I am a seeker." 

I have entered into - You know how everyone says not to talk about religion or politics? It was not debatable. 

There wasn't enough room for discussion. And I enjoy debating.

Canadians love to debate about everything. So I'm like, 'Oh OK, Sorry. Change the subject. 

"Last week, Twain's new single, "Waking Up Dreaming," was released by Twain following renewed interest in her music since "Man!" TikTok's viral video "I Feel Like a Woman" was viewed over 50,000 times.