Shaquille O'Neal Shares Rare Footage of Young Stephen Curry Getting Banter From His Own Father for "Shooting Bricks"

Stephen Curry is the player who has shot the most three-pointers in history, and there's something more to him than shooting. 

He recently won his 2022 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. Curry is now the 4th NBA championship, further confirming his status in the role of an NBA legend.

But it wasn't always so excellent from the beginning. A video that was shared by NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, showed the young Steph as well as their father Dell. 

As Steph was struggling to get the ball in the basketball, Dell was a snarky tyrant. Dell told him, "You're shooting bricks man!"

We can safely say that Curry was able to get his revenge in the most perfect manner. 

Curry surpassed Ray Allen as the player who scored the most 3-pointers the league ahead of his father.

After his breakthrough within basketball in NBA, Stephen Curry has earned his reputation through his shooting. 

He is widely considered to be the best shooter of all time and has the statistics to prove it.

Curry has shot 3,117 three-pointers throughout his entire NBA career which started in 2009 when the Warriors selected him in the year 2009.

It is interesting to note that Steph's father Dell Curry, and Steph's Davidson College coach were seated on the court as they watched him smash the record.